PRACTICES: Artworks are “one-of-a-kind” signed and dated upon completion on the front and/or the back of the framed artwork. The date of the artwork is typically shown as being made over a period of years or in a single year. Date and purchase information are available upon request. The artworks are provided with titles, mediums and archival framing details. Artworks and frames are measured by height, width, and depth and typically within a quarter inch or more of the outside dimensions.

FRAMING: Frames are glazed with ultraviolet light filtering glass or acrylic and shouldn’t be cleaned with products containing ammonia or other chemical that could compromise the glazing surface. Wooden frames of varying types and finishes are used unless otherwise stated. Frames are provided with ready to hang hardware. However, the owner or installer must judge what final hanging hardware is appropriate for the safety of the artwork. Artworks made using cradled wood panels are secured with screws from the sides making removal of the artworks possible. Most artworks are stored in custom made triple corrugated boxes for handling, shipping, and storage purposes.

AGREEMENT: The artist reserves all rights of copyright including reproduction of the image, title and intellectual property. The brand name Busyhaus is a federally registered trademark. However, the owner of the artwork may reproduce the image for non commercial, educational and private use purposes.The private owner or institution may be asked if the artwork can be loaned for the purpose of exhibiting, photography, etc.

Artwork frames and materials are provided or sold “as is.” It is the responsibility of the owner, loaner or handler to determine best care & handling practices concerning: the final selection of hanging hardware, structural choices, methods employed, safe environmental,storage & security exhibiting practices.Please contact the artist or agent if matters not stated here are needed.

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